Monday, March 26, 2012

Purchasing my Touring Bike

Shortly after learning to ride, I knew I wanted to travel distances. Steve, who initially hooked me with my first bike sent me to an initially mysterious character named Augie. All I knew was that this gentleman lived on top of a big hill, and had a magical garage wonderland of gorgeous rides and parts, possibly including a fairly inexpensive touring bike for sale. I went with my friend Sarah who knew him.

Augie was very friendly and suggested several rides, including a gorgeous Schwinn with racks on the front and back. It fit me perfectly and he was asking 125 for it, but I talked him down to 115, for which he may still hold a grunge. Frankly, the bike is worth way more than what I paid for it. A brief Ebay search yielded one in slightly worse shape for $600.

My gorgeous Schwinn spent the next month positioned perpendicular to my bed so I could raise my head just above the pillow to admire it, and imagine the potential for fun and adventure. I was honestly completely intimidated by it. The riding position was totally different than my mountain bike. 

I've done a bit of research to try to date my bike, and have found that there are some fairly obsessive individuals out there. Linked there is a table with all components listed by year of production.

I've since become good friends with Augie, and put 1000's of miles on the Schwinn. I cracked it out recently after a long winter, and forgot how incredibly sweet it is. It is just in magnificent shape and perfectly equipped for my purposes.

I'm also planning a cross country trip a year from this summer. I will be well equipped and good to go, thanks to Augie!

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